We're Rashel & Aaron, the 'Travellees'!

Aaron and I first met back in 2012 when we started dating. Our passions for travelling is what partly brought us together. Very soon after, we had travelled together to Iceland, New York, San Francisco, Korea, Japan and the Philippines before Aaron was given the opportunity to work in London, UK in 2014. 

Together we made the decision to take our adventures to London. Aaron moved in 2014 and I followed soon after in the start of 2015. In that time living in London we had managed to maintain our full time jobs. Aaron works as a Project Manager and I am a Registered Nurse. In those three years living abroad we moved into our first home together in London, engaged in Prague, married back home in Vancouver, honeymooned in India, Maldives and Singapore, as well as travelled to 4 continents, 35 countries, and 63 cities! 

The purpose of this blog is to share our journey, our experiences, and how we made all of it happen. We hope you enjoy the ride! 

xx The ‘Travellees’